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Edexcel – Pearson exams, both Young Learners and General, consist in a written and oral test, as established by  Decreto M.I.U.R. n. 3889 del 7 marzo 2012:

  • The written exam measures listening, and reading comprehension and writing; they are corrected by external examiners in the United Kingdom;

  • The oral exam is conducted by local qualified examiners, and then sent to the United Kingdom to check the correspondence to the standards.

The goal of the exam is to measure and reward the progressive results obtained during the course of language training. The exams have been studied with the intention to motivate students and allow detailed feedback; in fact the scores for both the written and the oral exams are: Fail, Pass, Pass with Merit and Pass with Distinction.


A1 Breakthrough

Understand and use everyday expressions. The student is able to interact in a simple way with an interlocutor who speaks slowly and is willing to cooperate. 

A2 Waystage

Understand frequently used phrases and expressions. The student is able to describe aspects of his/her life, his surroundings and express immediate needs using a simple language. 

B1 Threshold

Understand topics regarding work, school, free time, etc. The student is able to describe experiences, happenings, dreams, hopes and ambitions. He can briefly give reasons and explanations on opinions and projects.

B2 Vantage

Understand fundamental concepts of complex texts on arguments both concrete and abstract, including technical discussions in his area of expertise. The student is able to interact freely and spontaneously with a mother tongue interlocutor.

C1 Effective Operational Proficiency

Understand a vast array of rather long complex texts and also understand implicit meaning. The student is able to communicate spontaneously without hesitation. 

C2 Mastery

Understand with ease all that is heard and read. The student is able to summarize information taken from different fonts and paraphrasing arguments and information into a coherent text.


The cost of Young Learners exams is:

Firstwords 48,00 €      Springboard 52,00 €     Quickmarch 58,00 €     Breakthrough 62,00


The costs of General exams is:

A1 80,00 €, Level 1 (A2) 90,00 €, Level 2 (B1) 110,00 €, Level 3 (B2) 140,00 €, Level 4 (C1) 155,00 €, Level 5 (C2) 170,00